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(국문) LlamaZOO Interactive
(영문) LlamaZOO Interactive
홈페이지 https://www.llamazoo.com/
LlamaZOO Interactive specializes in spatial data fusion – our technologies and solutions combine large datasets into one centralized repository. This data integration, fusion and visualization makes access to and understanding of critical data easier for internal and external planners, stakeholders, collaborators and customers.
LlamaZOO helps businesses to liberate their data, and in turn derive meaningful insights and find opportunities for savings and growth. By fusing geospatial, engineering and IIoT data, LlamaZOO offers resource companies spatial business intelligence for 3D training, digital twinning, asset tracking and project planning to manage uncertainty, save costs and identify new opportunities.
Our clients, customers, partners, collaborators and affiliates include Microsoft, Amazon AWS, IBM, Esri, Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, Teck Resources, Chevron, Goldcorp, Barrick, Interfor, Chevron and Maptek.
Clarity 3D provides a platform to digitally twin a facility or piece of equipment at a
boots-on-the-ground level. This digital twinning solution reduces risks to, and
increases the productivity of, remote monitoring, inspection and training.
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부스배치도 & 온라인 디렉토리
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SEOUL VR AR EXPO 참가를 위한 정보가 필요하신 경우, 요청에 따라 아래 정보를 보내 드리도록 하겠습니다.
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SEOUL VR AR EXPO 사전등록을 하시면 현장에서 본인 확인 후 바로 입장이 가능하십니다. 원활한 비즈니스 상담을 위하여, 고등학생 이하 관람객은 6월 1일 (토) 한정 전시회장 방문이 가능합니다. 참고 바랍니다.
사전등록 – 무료(선착순 5,000명) / 5,000원(3.29일까지) / 7,000원(4.30일까지) / 20,000원 (5.29일까지)
현장등록 – 20,000원
문의 사항은 언제든지 사무국으로 연락주십시오.

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